4th November 2016: Chinese Water Deer

On how I found my Chinese Water Deer skull ft. Collette and her tiny car.


So there was a strange story behind this one!

I was at home one day over the summer and I get a call from a friend saying she’d seen a dead deer at the side of the road on her way shopping, and now that she had returned did we want to drive over and see if it was still there.

And, obviously, it was; but the amazing thing…it was a Chinese Water Deer, which I’d only ever read about! After that we couldn’t possibly have left it behind, and give up the chance to have an intact fanged deer skull (she had a broken leg, and most likely internal injuries), so we managed to get it into the boot of her tiny car (don’t worry we came prepared with bin bags, gloves, etc!) and drive it back to my house.

(Ignore the longitudinal scratches, that was me being too poorly equipped to skin a deer!)IMG_20161104_135345.jpgIMAG0168.jpg

Luckily my parents were out with the dogs (for the dogs’ sakes not my mums’, my friend kindly sent a picture over facebook to my parents of her find!) as I had the chance to get her into the garden. She was definitely one of my more difficult finds, but woth the beautiful and unusual skull I now have in my collection!

Tori (ft. Collette and her tiny car)

P.S. The latin name is Hydropotes inermis, and they are believed to be more closely related to the Musk Deer than a ‘true deer’

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