4th November 2016: Polecat

On how I found my polecat.


The finding of the Polecat was quite a simple story. My parents were driving home one evening and saw him, then agreed to drive me back out to find him.

He was a RTA, and quite severly so; his skull was completely smashed apart, so at least he would have died quickly.


I never realised quite how much polecats smelt until we found him, and upon dissecting him I accidentally cut through his anal scent gland which was a terrible mistake! After letting the skull be cleaned naturally (compost and creepy crawlies) I spent an afternoon scrubbing him up and putting the pieces back together. Luckily they have very thick bones, so recreating his skull shape wasn’t too difficult.


P.S. Latin name: Mustela putorius,  from the Mustelidae family which also contains the obvious weasel, marten, ferret, stoat and mink, and the less obvious wolverine, otter and badger

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