4th November 2016: Squirrels

An introduction to blogging


Hi there,

So I’ve never made a blog before, but decided it was about time to master the skill alongside showing of my collection of animal bones!

Today I bought some large, black card from Inkwells, a local ‘arts and stationery’ shop to use as a back drop then set to work photographing. Unfortunately my phone has been sent away for repairs and my tablet doesn’t seem to cope with exposure levels well, so I will upload a few of the better pictures and re-do the rest at a later date.


P.S. Above is my squirrel skull collection, I skinned the one on the left myself so I can tell you it was a female Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). I’m not sure what she died of, my mum found her in the woods, but she wasn’t looking a great colour internally!

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