5th November 2016: Mole

On how I found my mole ft. Collette


My Common Mole was not found in England but in Wales. I went on holiday with some friends in July 2015 and we stayed in a house right on the river. We often used to walk down along the river to the small village’s pub, and one day Collette found a little dead mole!

On the way back we took him with us (we were only a five minute walk from the house!) and we put him in a takeaway box in the freezer! It turns out a few of my friends didn’t realise we had done this until we were leaving, but most of them ate meat so there was plenty of dead animal in there already!


One of my friends that drove us there even (reluctantly) let us put the mole in the back of his car to take the little creature home!

Upon dissection I could see the specialisation that has evolved in these animals, the deep red of the large muscles showed the increased blood vessels and made me realise just how powerful these small animals must be!


P.S. A group of Common Moles, Talpa europaea, is called a ‘labour’, and they follow an insectivorous diet. I don’t know how to sex moles, so this one’s gender is a mystery!

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