5th November 2016: Rabbits

On my collection of Rabbit skulls ft. Katie


Rabbits are definitely my most common skull, but I have never dissected one myself! My parents live in Bedfordshire, in the sort-of-east and sort-of-south midlands; and alongside finding lots of bird skulls, there are also lots of rabbits.

My mums are gardeners so they are very good at finding bones under hedges and around rural gardens. My largest skull (left) however, was actaully found by a friend from college, who lived a little North of us, on a dog walk and is the most intact of the skulls ‘found’ (as opposed to the ones I dissect).


P.S. The Common or Eurpean Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, is actually native to SW Europe and NW Africa but has been introduced onto every continent (excl. Antarctica); the successful proliferation of the rabbit has caused damage to surrounding ecological systems. They also belong to the Lagomorpha order, which only contains only rabbits and pikas.

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