6th November 2016: Natural History Museum

On my visits to London’s Natural History Museum


As a child I lived relatively close to London, so I spent a lot of our family (and school) trips visiting museums (probably because they were cheaper than zoos!). The most mesmerizing of which, was London’s Natural History museum. Just the sheer size of the place, and knowing that it is entirely dedicated to science!

Even as I grew older my visits to London would still mean a trip to the museum, there was always too much to see! And as my interest and therefore knowledge in zoology grew, it was a great place to immerse myself in the natural world all at one. Things that we will never see again, things that are so rare they are hardly seen alive, and things that are in a corner of the world that I can only hope that I will get to visit someday.

Working at this museum would definitely be one of my dream jobs, I can’t even begin to imagine the things they have behind the scenes and the amassed knowledge of all the experts that work there/alongside the museum.


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