13th November 2016: Magpie

On the gift of my Magpie skeleton ft. Collette


It was either my 21st birthday or Christmas of 2015, when I received my Magpie skeleton as a present from Collette; it was fully wrapped and one of my dogs seemed quite interested, so we assumed it must be food. We coud have not have been more wrong!

The Magpie was in a clear box, with a message written on the top and beautifully packaged. With tiny, loose vertebrae in a small sealed bag, and all other corresponding bones.

One day, if (or I like to think when, I can articulate skeletons, I shall build him* up to his former glory on a labelled plinth!



P.S. Latin name: Pica pica, which is also the beavioural terminology for eating/attempting to eat inedible objects.

*him* is just an assumption, I do not actually know the Magpie’s sex

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