11th January 2017: Muntjac Deer

On the finding of my Muntjac skull ft. Dover


Part 1: I was on a walk with my Mum, and Dover (our German SH Pointer) found a rather large spine. We tried to get it off of him but he spent a long while playing catch-me-if-you-can instead. Eventually he decided to give it to us, so we stored it in the workshop in a compost bag, hoping to remove the last bits of flesh.

Part 2: A few days later we did the same walk and Dover, the wonderful dog he is, managed to find the skull! He seemed to know that this was more important not to chew (or was just bored and wanted to run around instead) and brought it straight over with a proud little prance. I buried the skull, which still had a lot of flesh and fur covering it, in the garden. A few months later he was finally clean enough to take back with me to university.

This was all before Christmas as I took the photos before returning home, but never got around to uploading them!


The spine is still in the workshop as I haven’t yet been back! It’s on my to-do list!


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