11th January 2017: Swallow

On catching up and the gifting of my mummified swallow


So it has been 2 months since I last posted! Somehow life seemed to get quite busy with running the society (vegsoc), lectures, work, birthdays, the christmas holidays and finally exam revision!

I visited London and Brighton for my year anniversary with my boyfriend;  hosted a Vegan Cheese and Wine Event for Vegsoc, that went well; then got consumed by lectures, coursework and going out for birthdays! The christmas holidays went quickly and I finished my first (1 out of 2!) exam today. As I have a week until the next I thought I’d relax a litte today, I attempted soap making again and thought I should probably update on here!

I have had my swallow for a year and a half, almost exactly! It was a leaving-for-uni present from my friend’s parents. They are a farming family and it was found in one of the barns, and kept for me! Which was nice a much more ‘me’ present than a lot of things and s/he is absolutely perfect!


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