Monday 10th July: British Science Week Stand

On my absence, passing my second year and my BSW stand


I’m not really sure how 6 months have gone since my last post! Term-time was busy with society, lectures, studying, exams and moving house… but I successfully made it through second year with a 2:1 (and a 90% in an antomy essay)!

My dissertation preparation seems to have gone well, I recieved a 1st for the introductory piece of work and next weekend I’m off to London for 1 night to visit the Natural History Museum and their newly opening Whale Exhibit in the Hintze Hall! I am very excited and should probably email them to see if I can get any data beforehand.

I also seemed to have been too busy to post up a blog about my British Science Week stand! I ran an evolution and anatomy stand with the help of two of my coursemates, the lecturer that ran the event seemed impressed and the children enjoyed the flash cards and the velcro build-a-horse I had created. Overall a very tiring but successful few days!

I have also agreed to be on the commitee of a newly proposed Aber Marrow society on behalf of the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Society, I am officially treasurer. As well as having an interview for Signpost Mentor (3rd years providing guidance for struggling 1st/2nd years) and have been accepted, and training to be an Ambassador for STEM science!

I also recently set up my own Pet Sitting business, which is going well.

Tori ๐Ÿ™‚

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